The AmigoBot is a small, easy to use, cost-effective, differential-drive mobile robot. AmigoBot is ideal for robotics and computer science teaching and research.

The AmigoBot arrives fully assembled and ready to use.  User software is developed using the provided Pioneer SDK, including ARIA library and other tools.

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AmigoBot features include:

  • A dedicated motion control system to automatically drive the robot at requested velocities, and estimate the robot’s position in a simple cartesian coordinate system as it moves using wheel encoders and optional gyro sensor if added.
  • User software communicates with the robot controller via SDK to request robot motion and receive updates on robot position and status.
  • 8 ultrasonic distance sensors (sonar) for obstacle sensing
  • Rugged and durable design including high-impact plastic shell over aluminum frame for years of use is classroom and lab.
  • Either connect the robot to a a computer with serial cable, optional USB adapter, or optional wifi wireless interface.
  • Includes full SDK toolkit with programming libraries which can be used in C++, Python, Java and Matlab, and on Windows or Linux.  ROS interface also available.
  • Includes MobileSim simulator for offline development or simulation with multiple robots.
  • Includes SONARNL autonomous localization and navigation software.
  • 5V and 12V DC power output for user-added devices.
  • Added devices and accessories can communicate with user software via RS-232 or TTL serial port connection
  • Threaded brass mounting screw points for mounting accessories or other items on top of the robot.
  • 5+ hours runtime per battery charge
  • Customer support and documentation from MobileRobots including software manuals, example code, online knowlege base of tips, information and tutorials, user forums, and access to MobileRobots expert customer support service for troubleshooting and any other questions
  • One year warranty

AmigoBot runs best on hard surfaces. It can traverse low sills and household power cords and climb most wheelchair ramps making it an excellent classroom robot.


Download datasheet for summary information and technical specifications:

PDF fileDownload AmigoBot Datasheet (pdf)


Available Options:

  • Wireless communication interface lets user software on a laptop or other computer connect to the robot over wifi
  • Gyro/accelerometer, used automatically by robot controller for increased positional accuracy
  • Price discounts for multiple robots available
  • Analog remote camera
  • Preconfigured wireless access point for use with optional robot wireless interface
  • Optional extended warranties

AmigoBot with Laser:

cost-effective amigo bot

The Laser AmigoBot is a new version of the AmigoBot robot which uses a SICK TiM 510 laser range finder instead of Sonar range sensors, allowing more precise and reliable laser navigation andlocalization using the included MobileRobots’ ARNL software.  The Laser AmigoBot includes a WiBox ethernet-serial bridge for network-based computer control of the robot.

The Laser AmigoBot has the same accessories and specifications as the original AmigoBot, with the addition of the Laser, WiBox and omission of the sonar sensors.

The Laser AmigoBot robot platform specifications are the same as the original AmigoBot, but with sonar sensors omitted.

See Laser Navigation for information on laser navigation software and specifications of the SICK TiM 510 laser sensor.

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Size 280mm (11 in) width
330 mm (12.9 in) length
150 mm (5.9 in) height
User Equipment Mounting Area 360 cm2 (56 in2) approx. surface area, eight (8) M3 threaded mounting holes
Weight(with batteries) 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs) Construction Metal chassis and motor mounts. Plastic shell cover.
Maximum Speed 1 meter/sec Maximum Rotation Speed 100 degrees/sec
Continuous Run Time 5+ hours continuous with payload  Power Outputs 5V (1.5A) regulated, 12V (2A)
Recharge Time 3 hours Obstacle Range Sensor 8x ultrasonic (sonar), or SICK TiM laser rangefinder
Battery 12V SLA Battery Capacity 4.6 Ah
Robot Control Dedicated robot motion controller included. User software can command robot velocity, receive robot position (pose) estimate (X, Y, Heading). Robot motion sensors Quadrature wheel encoders. Robot controller decodes and produces continuous robot pose estimates (X, Y, Heading). Additional gyro available for increased accuracy.
Payload 2 kg (4.4 lbs) maximum recomended for specified performance Software available Open-source Pioneer C++/Python/Java SDK.ARNL autonomous navigation available with laser sensor. MobileEyes GUI
ROS, Matlab and Player interfaces also available.
Maximum Traversable Gap 40 mm (1.5 in.) Maximum Traversable Step/Sill 15 mm (0.6 in.)

Prices, Purchasing, and More Information:

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