Digital Spectrometric

– Relative efficiency of registration            30%;

– Energy resolution at 1,33 MeV                  no more 1,85 keV.

– Peak-to-Compton ratio                              58:1

– Peak form:

FW×1M FWHM                        1.90

FW×02M FWHM                                  2.65





DPU-1K (8-32K channels) is dedicated to create ionizing radiation spectrometers. It exchanges analogue electronic parts with power supply units and provides linear converting of detection unit output signal to digital signal, improve operation speed and energy resolution. It has integrated oscilloscope and USB interface.
DPU-1K operates with detection units based on semiconductor detectors, scintillators, proportional counters and ionization chambe


The unit can be used for industry or laboratory applications.