GAIA3 is the ideal platform for performing the most challenging nanoengineering applications that require ultimate precision and demanding capabilities for microanalysis. The preparation of high-quality ultra-thin TEM lamella, delayering processes in technology nodes, precise nanopatterning or high-resolution 3D reconstructions are just some of the applications in which GAIA3 excels.
Such features make GAIA3 the ideal instrument for applications in which imaging at low beam energies is a requirement to preserve delicate structures in the samples that can get easily damaged by the electron beam such as low-k dielectric materials, photoresists or uncoated biological specimens. In terms of sample modification, GAIA3 represents the most suitable solution for challenging nanomachining and nanofabrication.

Key features

Triglav™ – newly designed UHR electron column

  • TriLens™ objective system: unique combinationof three-lens objective and crossover-free beam path
  • Advanced detection system with multiple SE and BSE detectors
    • TriSE™ and TriBE™


  • Triglav™ – Ultimate ultra-high resolution at low beam energy: 1 nm at 1 keV and 0.7 nm at 15 keV
  • EquiPower™ thermal power dissipation system for excellent electron column stability
  • Electron beam currents up to 400 nA and rapid beam energy changes
  • Optimised column geometry for accommodating large wafers up to 8”

Cobra FIB column

High-performance Ga FIB column for ultimate precision in nanoengineering.

  • Probe current: 1 pA 50 nA
  • Resolution: < 2.5 nm at 30 kV at SEM-FIB coincidence point
  • Top level technology in terms of resolution for both milling and imaging
  • Cobra guarantees the shortest time to result in cross-sectioning and TEM sample preparation
  • Ideal for 3D ultra-structural studies of biological specimens such as tissue and whole cells
  • Excellent performance at low kV ideal for polishing ultra-thin lamellae and for reducing amorphous layers