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Class I Biological Safety Cabinet

It is widely used in microbiological work and research purposes in he field of genetics. HEPA Filter protects environment from contamination by filtering air before it is exhausted. Due to its low noise and high energy efficiency feature, the operational cost becomes less.

Used in Microbiological, Laboratory, Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant, Animal Cell culturing, Research.

Also known as Class I BSC, Biosafety Cabinet.

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

It operates with a negative air pressure for personnel protection and HEPA filtered laminar airflow for product protection to meet the requirements for the environment from microorganisms and aerosols. Features like Time reverse function, Interlock function, low noise and Filter Life Indicator makes the product beneficial and reliable.

Used in Cell culturing, Genetics, Microbiological, Research, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant, Laboratory.

Also known as Class II BSC, Biosafety Cabinet.

Class III Biological Safety Cabinet

Internationally designed to work with level 4 pathogens, which features a physical barrier between the user and the product. It has unique feature Audio and visual alarm which is very useful for filter replacement. It is an excellent choice for laboratory, research work involving use of toxic chemicals, potential carcinogens and hazardous contaminants.

Used in Toxic Chemicals, Potential Carcinogens, Hazardous Contaminants, Laboratory, Research.

Also known as Class III BSC, Biosafety Cabinet.

Floor Type Centrifuge

These high quality floor type refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges meet the requirements of your critical research needs such as High speed or high capacity. These centrifuges have advance features such as Auto-decapping of blood collection tubes, Electronic door interlock, Automatic rotor identification, Imbalance protection, Over speed, Over temperature protection, Self-diagnostic of error etc. and the various suitable rotors are available.

Used in Cell Separation, Precipitation, Sample Processing, Clinical, Cell Culture, Microplate Processing, Biochemistry, medical diagnosis.

Also known as Floor Standing Centrifuge, Laboratory Floor Type Centrifuge, Floor Type Refrigerated Centrifuge.

Horizontal Autoclave

Laboratory horizontal autoclaves are useful in bulk sterilization applications of equipment and materials in various industries and research institutions. Also for disposing biological waste, reducing the risk of contamination and sterile the waste before discarding. We provide a variety of horizontal autoclave according to applications, features and customers requirements.

Used in Bulk sterilization, Microbiology Lab, Research Institutions, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Food industry, Chemical industry.

Also known as Laboratory Sterilizer, Horizontal Pressure Sterilizer, Laboratory Horizontal Autoclave, .

Medical Autoclave

Medical Autoclave assure proper cleaning and disinfection of instruments and utensils for medical, dental and laboratory field. It minimizes the risk of exposure to infection for each patient and provider. Due to its door locking system and small utilization of space, it becomes an ideal choice for the customers.

Used in Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Research.

Also known as Medical Sterilizer, Dental Autoclave, Medical Autoclave, Pre and Post Vacuum Autoclave, Benchtop Autoclave, Benchtop Sterilizer, Benchtop Steam Sterilizer, Laboratory Medical Autoclave.

Medical Biological Safety Cabinet

It is designed to provide a controlled environment for the manipulation and amplification of DNA and RNA. From Dead-Air boxes to Laminar Flow UV Cabinets with HEPA filtration we have a solution to support your application. Safety is kept in mind for changing the filter.

Used in Drug processing, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Research.

Also known as Medical Biosafety Cabinet, Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet, PCR Cabinet.

Medical Centrifuge

These laboratory multi purpose Medical Centrifuges are ideal solution for high-end research experiment such as PRP/PPP, cell washing, HCT, blood type test etc. in the biology, radio-immunity, medical and other research fields. These versatile centrifuges have precise temperature control with highly efficient double loop control design which allows fast heating and cooling.

Used in Cell Washing, HCT, Blood type test, Biology, Radio-Immunity, Medical, Research.

Also known as Laboratory Medical Centrifuge.


This compact, powerful micro centrifuge is useful to separate or sediment small volume samples at high speed. The short-spin key, soft brake, FastTemp features optimizes the overall function of the centrifuges. Faults are diagnosed automatically and displays fault code. These hybrid micro-centrifuge can run PCR tubes, Capillary tubes along with standard tubes.

Used in Molecular Biology Separations, Clinical, Labs, Biochemistry, Tissue Culture, Genomics, Drug discover.

Also known as Microfuge, Refrigerated Microcentrifuge, Laboratory Microcentrifuge.