This portable six-channel 24-bit data acquisition unit is designed for simultaneous collection and analysis of magnetic field, vibration and acoustic data in up to three axes. The six input channels on the Spectramag-6 provide synchronous digitisation of the outputs from magnetic field sensors and accelerometers, or, if required, acoustic sensors.

Combined with a PC via a USB interface, the unit can record data at rates up to 10kHz. The supplied software collects and displays data in both the time and frequency domain, with a range of filtering and FFT options available.

Typical applications
• Pre-installation MRI/electron microscope site surveys.

• Railway/Tram line magnetic field interference surveys.

• Magnetic signature measurements.

Compatible with
• Mag-03 Sensors

• Mag-13 Sensors

• Mag690 Sensors

• Mag670

• Mag646